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competency-based learning with eportfolios

Present your learning accomplishments in a structured form with competence fields and an individual cv.

Individualized adaptive learning

Individualization during learning processes using adaptive learning scenarios with a focus on strengthening personal presentation: wishful thinking?

Try out our platform that implements this concept and is successfully used in educational institutions throughout Europe.

For educational institutions

Put individualized learning scenarios to work for students using digital competence grids. We have defined three steps to get you working.

step 1 - comet

Create competence fields in a structured form using the tool comet - competence entry tool.

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step 2 - lms

To use digital competence grids for learning purposes a link between content and learners has to be established. This is a task of learning management systems. Part of our exacloud is a learning management system that provides courses.

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step 3 - Dakora

The app Dakora (acronym for "Lerning with digital competence grids") ca be used by teachers/trainers for individualization purposes during the learning process of their students. The app can be downloaded via app stores.

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for single users

Show your achievements in your personal portfolio. Link artefacts to competence fields and export the result to the Europass format.

competence based eportfolios

Show your achievements in your personal portfolio. Link artefacts to competence fields and export the result to the Europass format.

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OpenSource for digital learning in a "software as a service"-package

We have combined our products for individualized learning in one package:


Starting point for transparent learning processes is the structured visualization of competence fields involved. Every subject consisting of several competence fields can be divided into main and child competences. This structure is called a competence grid. Also several subjects can be combined into a theme making interdisciplinary tasks possible.

competence oriented

When tasks and materials are linked to competence grids indicators and subsequently action orientation is addressed during a learning process. Based on an initial diagnosis learners can follow a personal learning path. This concept leads to individualization.


By backing learning processes with individualized tasks that are needed by a learner at a given time the concept of indivualization is implemented. A variable and individualized learning pace is put in place - for an individual or a whole group of learners.


Learner driven means self-initiative. When competence fields are used, learning management systems show you the path to the next steps and tasks - these can be considered as adaptive learning scenarios.

based on learning progress

Learning paths are comprehensible and create competence profiles and statistics as part of a learning progress documentation. By this a high degree of transparency is reached. The phases in which a learner is located can be determined easily.

portfolio based

During a learning process products can be created by solving tasks or developing them on an individual initiative. These are then called artefacts. If these learning outcomes are linked to competence fields a transparent visualization becomes possible and establishes reflection possibilities. ePortfolios that are generated this way can be part of a résumé (for example Europass) which can be published for application purposes.

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  • Storage 500 MB
  • ePortfolios
  • Competence profile
  • Competence grid predefined
  • User 1

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  • Subdomain, database
  • Storage  5 GB
  • ePortfolios
  • Competence profile
  • Competence grid predefined
  • Create own competencies
  • User 10
  • Course administration 1 course

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  • subdomains, databases
  • storage unlimited
  • ePortfolios
  • competence profile
  • unlimited competence grids
  • create your own competencies
  • unlimited users
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  • e-didactical templates
  • competency based apps (eLOVE, Dakora)

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